YT14 20

I write both for and about theatre, in both creative and scholarly modes.

I edit or adapt all the play texts I direct, including two full versions of foreign-language texts (Schiller’s Mary Stuart and Erdman’s The Suicide).

I’ve written several essays and papers on Shakespeare and actor training (including a contribution to The Routledge Companion to Actors’ Shakespeare), as well as full introductions to the plays I’ve directed for casts and creatives, and programme notes for productions. I’m also working – very gradually – on a book.

I haven’t written much dramatic criticism, feeling that it perhaps sits ill with making art myself; but I did see one very high-profile production a while back which angered me enough to write a fairly scathing essay on it. I posted it on Facebook, but many readers have encouraged me to publish it elsewhere – so here it is: What makest thou of this? – the Benedict Cumberbatch ‘Hamlet’.