Romeo & Juliet

by William Shakespeare

2016, Pop-up Globe, Auckland NZ

Directed by Ben Naylor

Costume design by Chantelle Gerrard, Music by Paul McLaney, Movement by Chris Jannides, Fight direction by Alexander Holloway

This production opened Auckland’s Pop-up Globe, a full-scale, postmodern pop-up replica of the Second Globe Theatre created for the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death. With a multi-national, multi-ethnic cast, we drew upon Renaissance Masque and sword-fighting manuals and the Maori powhiri and kapa haka for movement; the costumes were non-specifically contemporary, using the shapes and imagery of punk and gang culture, while retaining a Catholic backdrop and Renaissance status structures. The live music referenced contemporary teenage music tastes – hip-hop, rock and Taylor Swift – as well as traditional folk; and we concluded with a jig.

Photography by Peter Meecham