Three Sisters / Swan Song

by Anton Chekhov

‘Three Sisters’ in a version by Nicholas Wright, ‘Swan Song’ in an adaptation by Mark Wheatley

2012, Embassy Theatre, Central

Directed by Ben Naylor with Jenny Ogilvie

Set design by Wong Yatkwan, Costume design by Nadege Adlam, Lighting by Edmund McKay, Sound by Luke Pajak

This proscenium-arch production of Three Sisters used Chekhov’s short play Swan Song, about an ageing actor, as a framing device, with the two characters from Swan Song turning up in the action of Three Sisters intermittently. The costumes and furniture were ‘period’; however various metatheatrical moments served to remind the audience of the artifice throughout, moving us between the supposed locations of Swan Song and of Three Sisters and to the present theatrical moment.

Photography by Luke Pajak