Well, I made a website.

I may not have done it very well, but I have done it – thus far – by myself. So even though it’s not as I would like it to be, given that I’ve been saying to myself for years that I need a website, I feel a certain small personal glow of achievement.

So if you’re looking, please consider this a work-in-progress. Like art or life.

I’ve recently returned to London from New Zealand, where I directed¬†Romeo and Juliet at Auckland’s Pop-up Globe Theatre. It was a brilliant, extraordinary experience. You can see more pictures from the season, and the audience response, here. The show¬†runs until May 8th (having extended twice, and with more than 30,000 tickets sold).

I’m now working on adapting the text for my summer production at Central – details soon – and on directing the industry showcase for the current cohort of MA Acting.

The rest, I guess, is now history and not news, and you can find it elsewhere on the site …